The team behind Comedy Humboldt

Our goal is to make comedy a free community, and to promote new talent. Come be a part of something bigger than yourself. Be Humboldt's Comedy, join us at ComedyHumboldt!

  • Peter Nelson

    Founder / CEO

    Peter Nelson really likes the sound of his own voice. Peter has performed stand up in Humboldt County for seven years. You would swear he has been producing shows for 8 years though. And bombing at open mics for 9 years.

  • Danny Murphy

    Founding Member

    Danny Murphy is a Humboldt County Dad. He has been deep in the woods of Humboldt, and personally met Sasquatch.

  • Sam Murphy

    Founding Member

    Sam Murphy is not related to Danny Murphy, so now you know. Sam has seen some shit, probably more than you. This isn’t bragging, we’d all prefer he hadn’t seen anything. But here we are. Sam Murphy has been performing stand up in Humboldt County since he was 19. He was funny then and he’s funny now.

  • Brenton Beltrami

    Software Developer

    Brenton writes software. He definitely is not funny, although his code has been called laughable.